Deliverance Series: Demon Possession — Introduction

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    Serious amounts of again, I hear from Christian people of all denominations, ministers included — men and women who love Jesus and they are generally bearing much fruit as Believers — who express that substantial totally uninformed or just plain fearful when it comes to dealing with demons.

    Many years ago, I attended a very large church in Texas with several thousand people on the role. Many I prayed that all of the things Jesus wanted me to have in order to be the most effective «Omega Warrior» I could be would be entrusted to me. From speaking in tongues to healing the sick to casting out demons, I wanted a double portion of the usb ports all!

    Occasionally, I ran across myself the actual planet vicinity whenever something «strange» would manifest itself in the church service or seminar setting. Within case, somebody directly behind me stood shouting in the pastor and stormed out of the assembling your equipment. What caused this outburst? The pastor was preaching against homosexuality. A friend of mine who followed the man and ministered to him in a business office off the foyer later told me the man had little idea what «possessed» him to shout in this way.

    In another instance, a female who had quite a Haitian or Jamaican look about her, stood and began doing a strange, somewhat seductive dance in the aisle with no music playing. I ministered to her — within another woman who knew something have proven to be things — the best I knew how.

    Another time, as I am praying for someone, I felt something down within feet. Imagine my surprise when I looked down and saw an attractive woman within a blue suit, twisted such as a pretzel, her eyes rolled back in their head, face contorted, while a mature Christian lady minister prayed with your darling. I was all head. Afterward and from then on, that woman was joyful, productive, transformed.

    From the woman who growled like the cat to price schooler with bite marks on her body, the day came once i had must my pastor, «why could it be I’m always around when these demonic manifestations take place?» This former missionary, a seasoned veteran of the South African mission field during the peak of Apartheid, reached for his old, leather Bible that lay upon his desk and turned its well-worn pages to Mark 16:17. He read this part: «And these signs will follow those who believe: Throughout my name they’ll cast out demons…» He looked up at me and smiled, knowingly, «I’d say god, the father sees within you a willing heart and that He’s preparing you for the kind of ministry that He’d like us all to be part of.»

    Was I ever emphasized! I was ready to charge Hell with a squirt firearm! As the years went by, the lord allowed me to take part in other aspects of Spiritual Warfare (request my article, «The Battle of Caelum Moor»), showing me the right and wrong ways to engage the enemy at this level.

    In time, a couple with a huge amount of experience in Deliverance came and attended our non-denominational, Charismatic church. An ordained Baptist minister, they decided to trust Jesus to actually heal sicknesses and diseases and, a good extension in that ministry, found themselves taking part in Deliverance. Quite often, this ministry included the casting out of demonic entities, better since exorcisms.

    After several weeks of training, we who were interested in pursuing this ministry were led through deliverance us. In time, we were placed in teams and grew person to love one another and minister really well together. Something unexpected started to take place: A clipboard was utilized in our church office folks would can certainly make appointments for Deliverance ministry. Even people who were not part of our church would sign up. Our six well-trained teams of 5-6 ministers were kept busy with Deliverance whether at the church or at the afflicted people’s personal homes. Many of those who were healed and set free their own demonic oppressions later joined teams themselves.

    My own team had its share of very odd, demonic encounters. We learned in advance to forbid any spiritual manifestations before we ever got underway. Nevertheless, every so often, we’d catch a glimpse of an entity that simply did not want to go. There was trembling, vomiting, demons hanging on for dear life as the afflicted person fought and strained up against the spirits they wanted to become free of as we commanded in order to go in Jesus’ Title.

    THE DEVIL WENT Right down to TEXAS

    In 2001, I gone to another town some 2 hours away. Very first Easter service here I attended a Baptist Church located about a bar. To get still new, walking by using a cane and single, though my son was with me that daytime hours. As the service ended, the congregation milled about, talked, laughed and specialist. I noticed a young man who remained seated, head bowed, elbows on his knees, hands folded as if praying. I walked over and asked if We could pray with him. No answer. I asked, this time, if i could pray FOR him. When he did not answer, I placed me on his back. At the instant, he bolted upright, hands on his knees, elbows locked, and began swaying back and forth like a cobra. The real key scooted his chair a high quality 15 feet backward and started growling, «I hate this christian church! I hate him! I hate this lady! I hate you!»

    There were 30-some individuals remaining but they were stunned. Some whipped out their cell phones and asked, «Do we call 911?» Others asked him directly, «Do you are medication, younger brother?»

    I realized that there wasn’t faith inside room (You may recall that even Jesus had to settle the room to get anywhere with Jairus’s dead daughter). Well, although I didn’t clear the room, I did ask the guy if Jesus was his Lord. As he tried but could not answer, I commanded the demon to release his language. I asked again, «Is Jesus your Lord?» He whispered, as if panting, «Yes.» It ended up being that I leaned in closer and told him that I would help him but we couldn’t do this there. I reminded him that this experience was «it» for him as a Christian. «This IS your Christian life and it can do happen again without help.»

    The young man never did seek my help. Instead, he disappeared from your location. In the days ahead, I was sought out and asked questions about what happened on that day. «Why did you do this?» and «Why did you do that?» I was invited to dinner and brought to lunch. When I saw the Pastor the following day, he responded, «Man, I’m glad you have there been…they don’t teach that stuff in seminary.»

    WHAT’S The place?

    My reason for sharing these stories? The numbers of three. First, simply put, Christians — even ministers of ALL denominations — aren’t taught much in excess of what how to do rituals and ceremonies in the religious putting. This renders us virtually powerless getting no distinguishable influence upon the real needs of society. When it comes to people as the man that recently executed a few Amish girls in Pennsylvania, as long as folks «seem nice» and be aware that the routine of church, we’re fine with all of. They are socially acceptable. Spiritually acceptable,too, as far as most Christians in order to. We REALLY don’t have time or training to assist people in truly becoming overcomers. As long as the outside behavior meets church approval, those demons you’re along with are…well, YOUR demons.

    My second point is the fact when understand that Jesus WANTS us to do things like casting out devils, etc., why is it we prefer manmade religion?

    When Jesus said, I came as an example,» counseling ? we ignore what He did and choose rituals and routines but?

    When Jesus declared «I am the Way,» why do we prefer manmade doctrine and dogmas?

    When might be written that God no longer lives in building made of stone, why do we elected to hunker down in the friendly confines of our edifices, never looking discover that example portrayed any place in Scripture?

    My final point is that anyone, yourself included, is equipped for this ministry. How so? Because ALL believers have authority in Jesus’ Name to cast out these tormenting demons and hang the captives free. No human being, in themselves, is any match for the devil. So, we mustn’t resist him in individual ability, manmade rituals or other name. Cannot do exactly who. Remember, we are talking about authority over the devil, not power over him. These types of more powerful than the devil, but we do have more authority as believers in Jesus christ.

    Look web marketing this way: Just as a policeman has the backing of the government to stop oncoming traffic merely by lifting his hand, so Believers have the backing of God whenever we stand to the devil in Jesus’ Tag. Romans 8:11 reveals that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave dwells within anyone. God gave you all authority and expects you to have it.

    Friends, this fight has been «fixed»!

    The series you’re getting ready to receive is based upon my experiences and may or probably doesn’t jive with what you’ve read or been taught. Regardless of the techniques, in contrast I CAN promise is this: Demons will NOT leave for other reason than that a child of God commanded them to do so in Jesus’ Name.

    If you beloved this short article and you would like to acquire extra information regarding deliverance ministry near me kindly pay a visit to the site.

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