Why Doesn’t Yahweh God Stop Satan the Devil From Causing Trouble to earth?

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    Doesn’t Yahweh God Almighty know everything, prior to things happen? If so, why hasn’t He prevented Satan from causing trouble in the world?

    Yahweh God does know everything; He’ll almost certainly easily see into the future, and knows every possibility. So He could have seen what trouble Satan would cause everyone. Precisely why didn’t God prevent Satan from inflicting harm? Well, before I answer this question, I want to stress this point:

    Yahweh informs us what discovered know. The Bible is need-oriented, not desire-oriented. Each and every need recognize absolutely everything even though we want to know it all. The first sin committed by Adam and Eve was partially caused by our curious nature—they was going to know things and be similar to God. But to know everything will make us God, therefore, we wouldn’t be dependent upon Him. Yahweh wants to be our loving Parent to guide us collectively step we take. To know every «why» would allow us to live independently from My man.

    Okay, on to my answer. I believe the reason why Yahweh hasn’t stopped Satan from causing trouble is they the gift called freedom.

    God gives every spirit being and human being free will, the power to make your moral decisions, to decide whether to obey God or disobey Him. He allows everyone to exercise this free will. Likewise, He allows Satan to exercise this free will, but only under His permissive would probably. God permits the devil to exercise free are only going to in limited power, under His sit back and watch. Otherwise, Satan could cause much more drastic troubles and difficulties. For example, Satan could harm Job only after God permitted him for after God specified as to what extent (Job 1-2). Satan cannot do just about anything without God’s permission.

    While allowing Satan to exercise his free will, God also allows us to exercise our own free could. The problem is us: we have abused this free will gift; rather than using it for good, we’ve this for bad. We are the ones who have chosen to live apart from God. Were the ones who brought trouble upon our own heads. Has got done many solutions that God forbids us to do, such as lying, having pre-marital sex, shoplifting, and cheating on our partners. God doesn’t like instance i allowed bit, but He is permitting it for the time being, when he gave us free may well. He keeps His express. To take Satan’s freedom away, in order to take our freedom away, would really make His gift of free will meaningless, null and emptiness.

    Yahweh shows a purpose and too a reason behind everything He does, even when He permits Satan to result in limited situation. Even though we may not understand His ways, we can be assured that He is doing have are the ones control over everything. God says that His thoughts and ways are compared to our thoughts and ways (Isaiah 55:8-9). Who could understand Him fully? We can’t even grasp ourselves, not to mention our very Life-Giver!

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