Mini portable sauna, sauna suits, inflatable bath, from China.

Portable folding mini saunas, like the tent of waterproof fabric insulated cotton. With the steam generator in the set.

The mini sauna enough space for one person. It can be used at home or in any room with a power network. Use a mini sauna can be at home, without spending time and money on the baths or public saunas.

Portable mini sauna, can conveniently and cheaply replaced or paired fitobochki. It is well suited for rental housing or summer houses.


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Sauna suit.

Suit of waterproof fabric, creates a steam effect in the physical training, for rapid weight loss.

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Inflatable bath.

Have a low price, they do not take up much space, easy to carry.

Suitable for homes built without a bath, farmhouses and cottages.


Most children’s bath. The price of  US $131.87. Free shipping.  Buy.


Double inflatable bath. Price US $106.72 — 158.34. Free shipping.    Buy.

Single inflatable bath. Price US $100.98 — 146.66. Free shipping.  Buy.


Single inflatable bath. The price of US $84.68. Free shipping.  Buy.

Children’s inflatable bathtub. Price of US $138.46. Delivery to US $25.74 .  Buy.

Children’s inflatable bathtub. Price of US $20.84. Free shipping.   Buy.