Portable gasoline generator, a combination of affordable price and high quality


Portable power generators from Eastern Europe. Gasoline four-stroke engines, air cooled, smooth current, direct from the generator, a combination of high quality, reliability and low price.

The generators are manufactured in Eastern Europe. Using Japanese engines. The engines are four-stroke, air-cooled, valves are located on top, Japanese engines are reliable.

In terms of durability, they are comparable to diesels, but much lighter and cheaper. Electric generators, alternators, with copper windings, made in Italy, Italian generators are considered among the best in the world. The generators fully comply with the requirements of the electrical network and electrical safety in Russia, they provide an even current that does not differ from the standard centralized electrical network. The sockets located on the generator make it possible to do without modifications to the electrical circuits.

Cheap Chinese generators provide a two-phase current that can burn electronically controlled boilers or complex appliances such as televisions or computers. Installation of adapters for converting current into a standard format, phase — zero, requires the installation of additional equipment, time and money.

The offered generators have an optimal ratio of price, quality and durability. Their power varies from 2.5 to 9 kilowatts; powerful models have built-in welding modules with smooth current control. The price ranges from $ 650 to $ 100, excluding shipping costs.

Mobile generators can serve as affordable independent sources of energy and heating for homes outside the city or in sparsely populated areas. Generators can serve as backup sources of energy and heat in individual houses, in case of power outages due to centralized network failures. They can also be used as an energy source on vacation, in cars, campgrounds and tents.

The manufacturer is engaged in the repair and maintenance of generators from Germany. It has at its disposal scientific production facilities, which it uses to produce its own generators. Therefore, the generators produced by her are not high in price and of good quality.

Generators are delivered from in Slovenia or a branch in St. Petersburg, delivery service or transport company. Sold in retail and wholesale.

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